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Welcome To Rock For Life

For over 20 years Rock For Life Concert Series (RFL) has been helping raise money for sick kids and their families. These children are fighting life threatening illnesses, and the medical costs can be astronomical, even with great insurance. 

RFL hopes to help ease the financial burden of these families and the vivacious children by putting on concerts, sponsoring raffles, and doing other charity events in the Western Pittsburgh area. 

Each year a new recipient is chosen and all the money raised through that year’s concerts and events is given to the family of the child. There is no restriction or guidelines that the family has to adhere to regarding the donations. 

They can use the money where they see fit. Often the money goes to medical expenses, but sometimes the family needs gas just to get their child to treatments, or they need a more reliable mode of transportation. Whatever they need it for is up to them. 

How Does Rock For Life Concert Series Raise Money? 

There are several events and concerts that happen throughout the year. The RockFor Life Concert happens in July, and there are several more in the following months such as Gigaroo and Rocktoberfest. 

There are also raffles, fundraisers, and merchandise for sale. People can also donate directly to RFL or the family. Once the expenses are paid—lighting, sound, and other essentials of putting on a rock show—the rest of the money is donated directly to the recipient’s family.

These concerts are run by volunteers who generously give their time and talents to help out a family in need. Even the band members donate their time and exceptional talent for this amazing cause. 

RFL Concert Series features local Pittsburgh area bands who come out and put on thrilling, energetic shows year after year. These talented men and women show up, rock out, and put on one hell of a show!

If you like rock music, local bands, and supporting a good cause, you owe it to yourself to come and check out some of these concerts. You won’t be disappointed.  

How Many Children Does Rock For Life Help?

While there are so many eligible and equally deserving children in the local area, to make a bigger impact on the family they choose, RFL only sponsors one child a year. This way, they are able to give a bigger donation to one family.

Since the inaugural inception of the Rock For Life Concert Series in 2000, this charity event has helped out 24 seriously ill children and their families, and they plan on helping so many more as time goes on. 

Who Is The Recipient This Year? 

This year’s recipient is “Rock Star” Scarlett. A young, exuberant, girl with a winning smile who has been battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia since 2020. 

This disease creates leukemia cells in the blood resulting in less room for healthy blood cells such as white and red blood cells. This causes the body to have a tougher time fighting off simple infections and can cause anemia or easy bleeding.   

The treatment for this disease includes chemotherapy, radiation, and/or bone marrow transplants. Despite this awful affliction and the numerous hospital visits, Scarlett remains a high-spirited, energetic kid who loves to spend time with her friends and family. 

How Can You Help?

If you can make it, come on down to one or more of the concerts and events. Keep checking the page to find out when and where they are happening. You can listen to some amazing music, find some new bands, and just have a great time with the Rock For Life Family. 

The cost of admission is less than a drive through family meal, and won’t give you a bad case of abdominal distress. While you’re there, purchase some RFL merch (proceeds go to the family) and support the bands by buying music, tee-shirts, and other goodies.

Maybe your schedule doesn’t allow much time for concerts, or you’re too far away. No problem, you can always make a donation on the website, follow the Rock For Life Facebook page for updates and the latest happenings, or go to Scarlett’s Warriors Facebook page and donate directly to them. 

We know money can be tight, especially in the current times, so if you don’t have anything you can spare, just supporting the pages, sharing posts with friends and family, and sending positive vibes and prayers to the children in need can work wonders. 

Stay Tuned

The year is quickly winding up as we head into the holiday season, but the Rock For Life Concert Series never stops. There are still events on the way and much more in store, so stay tuned for new events and happenings. 

We will try to update you on current and past recipients, highlight some of the bands who frequent the stages, and other big news as it comes in so keep checking back!   

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